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About AMD and the Other company using HBM

Question asked by sweethunter26 on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2015 by black_zion

Why AMD is going to let them use HBM? if they keep playing dirty with "greenworks"... i cant even play batman or witcher at good framerates...

AMD should do the same thing, don't let them use your tech, use the same dirty tactics like them and help us. every time i go to the game forum or i ask for help the only choice i hear is to change to the green-side to avoid problems. i think that's not the answer that i want. i have been buying ati/amd since 2001 i feel like part of it. why we have to be such good guys and give them technology like hbm, gddr5 and them just wait to see them spitting in our faces? AMD get your stuff together and fight back... i want you to win!!!