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    Who will be upgrading to the Zen Cpus?


      So the reveal is almost here so I want to ask a question. What are your thoughts on upgrading your rig to a Zen cpu next year? I want your thoughts now just to see if you think AMD still has it in them to be a major competitor in desktop gaming cpus.


      If no, why not? If yes, what are your reasons?
      After the reveal I want you to come back and reply with your decision based on actual information, If you said no before but decided to get one, what changed your mind? If you were going to get one, but won't after the reveal, what changed your mind? stuff like that.


      Currently I have plans to upgrade to the Zen, mostly based on the fact that I would rather support AMD, since AMD staying competitive in the CPU industry would benefit all. And also I believe that the Zen might be what my rig needs to use it's dual 295x2s to their full potential without me having to sell my house to afford an intel.

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          I plan to go to Zen for sure,I wont touch Intel,period. However,I dont want to use the current FX chips and still think APU's are the future,using HSA. Why I will likely choose a Zen desktop APU,since the current APU's can technically slap an i7 around,if things just used them properly. That being said,I just want Zen now,lol. My dream is to have a Zen processor and at least one HBM equipped (Fury?) AMD card,preferably two of them,if running a single one is not already more than enough for everything. Can't see the need of having two if one of them can blast through any game on its own,making the Titan X look like a 750ti,haha.I probably would wait until the supposed 400 series Radions,said to come next year,that will have the 2nd gen HBM,with 16GB on board. I cannot imagine what that couldn't do,with that much of that fast of vRAM,the limiting factors would always be the GPU and CPU.


          On a side note,what if AMD was able to design an APU that had 16GB of 2nd gen HBM,built onto it and it used that as system RAM,not needing DIMM's on the mobo. That much RAM,running that fast and being used by the Zen CPU and GPU together using HSA,would be a MONSTER. I would love to see it and I think,given AMD's history of innovation,they may could do it some day,if it were even possible to begin with. If it is,imagine using an HBM gen2 Radeon with it. The Radeon MAY have to down clock slightly to match the APU,but the combination of the two would be pretty epic,or the Radeon could stay the same speed and do the rendering while the APU's GPU can do physics and AI,while the CPU munches the code,working in the same pool of memory. Just throwing things out there,my imagination for AMD is always making up cool ideas,haha.

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            *Puts both hands up*


            Why?......Well it's more of a why not tbh, I don't really need it but i really want it and I've always liked the way that AMD has done things to drive the industry forward and they are always looking to the horizon with new ideas and experiments and pretty much for that reason alone i support them with my purchases.

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                well,I will be upgrading from a 7850K,so it will almost certainly be better one way or another,lol. If the single core performance of a quad core APU is a match for an i5 (or hopefully a but better),then it will be a massive performance increase of the CMT modules used by my current APU. I was considering moving to a current FX chip,then learned about Zen and decided to save money and wait for it. The problem AMD sometimes has is that they seem to over innovate,as they did with the APU's at first,however I think APU's are the future and see no reason why there could not be hexa or octa core APU's with what is roughly R9 x70 gpu cores on it. Such an APU could do just about anything on its own,eliminating the need for discreet cards,unless you wanted to run dual graphics or more. That is something I think nVidia is also scared of,as when processors start to have built in GPU's that can do most anything on their own,nVidia will lose relevance. I believe Intel is also due for a GPU enhancement,though it likely wont be as good as the R7 graphics in AMD APUs,but close enough.In 5 years or so,maybe 10,nVidia will likely be struggling to remain relevant. Maybe they would shift focus to their Tegra CPU and become a 3rd CPU manufacturer to help drive competition,which is good for us all. Who knows? I think its obvious that right now,AMD is willing to take some short term pain for some long term gain and are willing to let the other two stay ahead,while making sure Zen and Zen+ take off and knock it out of the park. In the process,they will make cash and can focus on the GPU enhancements later. Sometimes short term gain is not as important to survival.

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                I will. But I really do not like the wait. It has taken so long for the new chips to come around and I need to upgrade and build a new system.

                Being disabled I can't afford to do this twice so I have be careful of what choice I make!

                But I do try to stay with AMD as I have used this for years because you have been the best as I see it.


                I hope that all goes well though with the release.

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                  I'll have to wait and see.  Most likely, I won't right away because I have an 8350.  Even when it's not overclocked, it's fricking 4ghz, and more than powerful enough for what I need it for.  My old rig (now downstairs and connected to the TV) I may want to update, but I'd have to probably just recycle the parts and get rid of the MB and the old FX-6120 CPU. 

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                    Most likely I will


                    Games these days don't make use of multicores well, Zen's improved single thread performance will help immensely especially with older games.


                    I'll just sell my FX-6300 set to offset the cost

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                        I will likely sell my APU,Mobo and memory. Memory I am not sure of,I know Zen will work with DDR3 memory and there will likely be less expensive motherboards using it,but if DDR4 has come down in price enough,I may switch to it anyway. If there is not a huge performance difference between DDR3 and DDR4,at least in the pure CPU side of things,I would just stick with my DDR3 2133 memory,as it should still suffice. I know the APU's will work better with the DDR4 memory though,so if I still plan on getting one,I may still choose to go up to DDR4. From what I have heard,there is not a big difference between the two though. I will just have to see.

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                        If theres a big difference from my current 8350 to the new Zen CPU's, id jump. I would probably sell my CPU, mobo, and RAM to help offset the costs.

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                          I waited 4 years using a 'Deneb' Phenom II before jumping into 'Vishera' with FX-9370 (meant to buy 9590, but I failed to realize the mistake until I had the box in my hands - a mistake I aim to never repeat again.)

                          That had been the longest time I had ever waited between upgrades, and the upgrade certainly was 'only just'. My official justification for the massive expense was that my Phenom II's motherboard had a faulty NIC and was past warranty.


                          'Zen' feels like it will be the true successor to K10's advancements (Bulldozer may have been built from scratch, but it hardly improved upon K10).

                          That said, it will be a most welcome upgrade. Since Arctic Islands is slated for 2016 release as well, the combination of the two will be an unbelievable pairing. It reminds me of when I timed an upgrade in 2009 to coincide with the release of the HD5870, a card that I still rely on whenever I have to remove my R9 290X.

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                            The fact that Zen:

                            • Will feature the first new chipset for AMD in quite some time
                            • Support DDR4 and other new technologies
                            • Is rumored to rival Core i5/i7 processing


                            ...makes it worth, even for curiosity's sake, building to compare.  Where it will finally land will depend on its performance and core count, but I think it will quickly find itself a good foothold in the ecosystem if what we've heard is going to come.

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                              I currently have an i7-4770K and an i7-4790K based workstation. I am extremely interested to see how  Zen will compare to the latest line of Intel chips.


                              I went for Intel the last time due to better performance and feature support on motherboards and lower power consumption.
                              Price for Intel processors was at the limit of what I was prepared to spend for a processor though. I did consider  AMD processors available at the time.


                              The i7-4770K is quite a good performer but due to poor TIM performance will throttle / trip out at lower Tcase temps than the i7-4790K (Which is essentially a binned out i7-4770K with better TIM and more capacitors on the internal power supply on the die). Both processors still perform well after years of constant use.  I am very happy with my Intel processors, but I would like a performance boost since my current systems are approaching  2.5  years old now. The workloads I am running on my systems have increased. I would need to change motherboards to upgrade to a better Intel Processor anyhow . Therefore I am l holding out for Zen launch.


                              I am looking for better single thread performance and more than 4 cores. In addition I would like to be able to have a dual CPU motherboard. OpenCL performance is very important to me.  My new main system will either be a dual XEON based workstation or AMD Zen based system.


                              I like to purchase from different vendors because as a consumer it gives me more choice and keeps prices lower than they would be without competition.


                              For example in one Workstation I have 2  AMD GPU's in crossfire and in the second I have 1 Nvidia GPU. Another aspect is I like to try out different features and technologies offered by different vendors. One feature I like about AMD GPU's for example is I can crossfire different models of the same GPU family. The other AMD GPU feature I really like is their outstanding OpenCL performance.


                              So I am waiting for Zen. Hopefully it will be releasing this year.

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                                I know that I will be doing a build on Zen as soon as possible. I need to see how well it does on CPU intensive tasks that currently right now I have feel like I have no choice but to relegate to Intel for the time being. At the same time I would like to build a "pure" AMD rig and this may be that opportunity.

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                                  I will upgrade from the X4 955 Phenom Black (which is/was an epic CPU!)... And from what I hear Zen will be just as awesome!

                                  For me the 3 most important reasons to choose Zen (or any AMD CPU for that matter)

                                  - Kowabangbang for buck

                                  - DX12

                                  - Company culture / vision


                                  Yes the third one is actually quite important to me. If a certain unnamed company chooses to work with game developers, not so much as to make the game to run well with their stuff, but to block other developers gizmo's to work well with that game... You lose me!


                                  If Razer - I can't keep this company unnamed because I believe it wouldn't be understood otherwise - demands 5 x a decent price just because of marketing, brand building, simple cosmetics and at the same time cut corners in quality time and again... You lose me!


                                  AMD however does focus on quality, fair prices and actually wishes us gamers all the best (see initiatives such as OpenGPU!). Furthermore, marketing is marketing you could say, but when I see something like the AMD Twitch channel I recognize a certain amount of authenticity behind it. And that's what draws me in. Perhaps I'm biased and farsighted... Yet to me AMD seems to be an honest company.


                                  Anyhow that's my penny's worth of thoughts. Did I mention just a few of those pennies can get you some cool gear @ AMD? Kowabangbang!

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                                    I am really looking forward to zen like most folks here. No real deep reasons other then I really want to see what the plan is. I don't really care if the chip beats amd at this point. I do however care if theuy can compete. I am an amd fan for more reasons then "they have the best chip". I care about integrity, vision and caring about the consumer. AMD hsa consistently shown me personally that they care about my experience with there products.I'm looking forward to zen so it can make a great company competitive again.

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                                      Yes I will get Zen because I support and build with AMD. All of my computers for at least 15 years have been AMD-based. Am I an Enthusiast? Zealot? Fiscally prudent? You decide.


                                      Maybe just to satisfy my curiosity, I want to try out the new architecture, and find out if it proves to be an important technology advance. AMD has been good to me so far.

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                                        I want to make a build based on Zen APU or Zen + Polaris as soon as possible. The only problem is the wait time. It is killing me.

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                                          I hope it comes with ITX MB. Would love to get one and a Polaris GPU. I am bored of my Intel CPU.

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                                            I'm keen about Zen Architecture as a 10 year user of AMD/ATI products the last AMD CPUs make me disappointed with their high power consumption and high temp. Therefore, I didn't buy a desktop and bought a notebook. Now after 5 years of buying my laptop I want to buy a complete high-end full AMD pc. I cant wait for the ZEN

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                                              For me, it  depends more on the motherboards and what connectivity, etc they provide than the chips themselves. If the moterhboards come with Thunderbolt 3 then absolutely


                                              But along wi.th the CPU and MB, i would need to buy at least 24GB of DDR4 RAM and at least one retail copy of WIn 10, as the free upgrade is an OEM and the licence will not survive such a system overhaul.


                                              I really hope that this new architecture turns around AMD, asit is annoying to see Intel having it all their own way for so long.

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                                                If AMD supports the new socket for many years like they did with AM3+, I am  in. I loved to go from FX 8120->8320->8350->9370->9590 without a mandatory Motherboard change like Intel force their costumers. I only changed the motherboard to have Quadfire .

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                                                  I'm fairly certain I will

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                                                    My FX-8350 easily handles anything I currently throw at it, so I probably won't upgrade for the foreseeable future.  This could always change if I get into something my current system struggles with.

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                                                      I will be building my first gaming rig after Zen shows up, so yeah, I'm waiting.

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                                                        Well somebody has to the first so.... I've got an 4790k and I am hoping to squeeze a few more years out of it so no ZEN for me.

                                                        I do know several people who have a x4 945/955 because they were quite popular in Holland. If AMD can roll out the sub 200 dollar models in time I'm pretty sure most of them will stick with AMD. Anyway, I do hope ZEN will be a success but I also think AMD needs to hurry and not concentrate on the high-end but on the midrange. 

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                                                          I currently run an i5 3570K with a Fury Tri-X GPU but before that it was AMD CPU/GPU's all the way. My next upgrade will probably be Mobo, processor and RAM, so I hope that ZEN can compete with the i5 and i7. If the rumours of this are true then I will be returning to AMD for my processor once more. :-)

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                                                            Zen + Polaris = deadly combo

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                                                              I'm planning my entire first PC build ever around Zen released items. I'm really excited and have started saving up for what I can get I'm very excited.

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                                                                I'm counting on ZEN to drop the FX CPU to an even lower prices than now.


                                                                Unfortunately, my stituation is best described as the fun pic above. Which means, if i spend as much as 200 in a CPU, i'll be invited by my the wife to move out of the house.


                                                                When the FX8370 drops to about 150 (euros around here) i'll be buying it. I also need a new board but a M5A97 will be good enough too.



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                                                                  I hope to be upgrading.

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                                                                    I hope to be upgrading but only if i have money. my buget don't let me buy anything now.