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A10 7850k Bus Width and Memory Bandwidth drop.

Question asked by fusedshadowx on Jun 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by fusedshadowx

Hello to everyone


The last few weeks, I have been troubled by the A10 7850k GPU.

2-3 weeks ago, I found that the FPS are dropping to half of the initial value (initial value: 45 - 50, dropped FPS: 20 - 25)


I'm using TechPowerUP GPU to check the performance of the GPU, so when I saw that the FPS drop appeared again, I run the Tech, and saw that the Bus Width has dropped to half (from 128 - bit to 64) and Memory Bandwith from 30 - 35GB/s to 15!


If I restart the PC, this problem dissapears, but when I shut down my PC, the next time I turn it on, it's there almost everytime.


I would appreciate some help, because I'm searching this problem since 2 weeks ago and can't find a solution.


PC Specifications:


CPU: APU A10 7850k

M/B: MSI A88X - G45 Gaming

RAM: 8GB Kingston HyperX (OC 1866MHz with XMP)

GPU: IGP Radeon R7

PSU: Corsair CS450M (450Watt)