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XFX R7 265 striped screen in GTA V

Question asked by serzhanja on Jun 7, 2015
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I am running an XFX R7 265 non overclocked, at around 77С with 14.12, 15.4 or 15.5 drivers. The ONLY game that crashes to a striped screen after some time of playing is GTA V. Right now it happened in the Editor, and I got this screen here. I can play Titanfall, any other game without gpu crashing ever, it only happens in GTA V.


I tried reinstalling drivers from scratch, tried upgrading the drivers consequently from 14.12, lowered the TDP, disabled the OverDrive altogether, the crashes still happen.


Is someone getting similar problems? Any solution? Should I report it as driver issue? Again, it happens ONLY in GTA V.


Win8.1, AMD 860K non OC, G.Skill Sniper 2133 MHz, XFX R7 265.