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    Temp problem


      so basically i played lots of games with my crossfire setup , but sometimes it didn't meet my expectation and i just knew why , While playing Dragon age inquestion about 4 months ago , the game was steady 60 with my 290 Crossfire, but after a while it goes to 40 fps , i didnt think that there is problem , but now while playing the witcher 3 , something wrong , i play for like 10 min the fps is 60 - 50 min after a while it goes down to 35-40 , i thought the game is puged with AMD Cards , i always monitor temp when I added 2nd card , my first one hit 94 , I searched on the net and they said its okay as this card design to handle 104-105 c without any problem .

      I start to monitor my clocks and bam its throttling from 977 to 400 - 500 , I tired everything for my first card , re pasting

      , Changing Air flow didn't help , my Case is really good .

      This is really sad , Can anyone help me , btw i removed every filter in the case didn't help . :(((

      I hate MSI .. Never gonna buy from them again .

      btw with single GPU it wont hit more than 82 C at full load .

      My setup

      8350 @ 4.2

      8 GB

      290 MSI gaming 4 GB


      850 Power + 50

      690 CM III Case

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          If the target operating temperature of the card is set at 95°C in CCC -> Overdrive, then the card will be throttled down when it reaches that level of heat.

          If it is an MSI card with reference stock cooler, you should try manually adjusting/ raising the fan speed to higher rpm levels, before your card reaches that target. MSI afterburner can even help you make a custom automatic fan profile, so as your gpu card fan raises speed and cooling efficiency at much earlier sets of heat levels. Your goal is to maintain heat below 90°C at very high gpu usage, at all times, to avoid potential throttle.

          If we are talking about custom MSI fan cooler, and the fan speed is already at 100% rpm speed, then the only way to further cool down you gpu is to improve your ambient inner-PC case temperature and/ or ambient room temperature.