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Low fps in swtor

Question asked by redteam6 on Jun 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2015 by redteam6

First off this is my rig:

A10 7870k @4.6 ghz

Patriot 16 GB DDR 3 2400mhz

MSI a88x-g45 Gaming motherboard

Asus r9 290 4gb dc 2

Samsung EVO SSD 250 gb

WD blue 1tb 7200rpm HDD

Thermal Take 750w gold modular psu

Corsair H75 closed loop Water Cooler

Thermal take core v51 mid tower case

Windows 8.1 pro



Second all of my drivers and chipset drivers are updated and I also installed dx9 for this game.


Problem: 100 fps put of combat and 50-30 fps in combat. Setting high or ultra + same fps. Shadows off.


Any thoughts?


other benchmarks:

Wolfenstien NWO = 80+ fps Ultra

BF4 multiplayer = 70-100 fps Maxed

WoW = 60-120 fps 50 in 25 man raid fights