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r9 280 mantle crash

Question asked by sallymay983994 on Jun 5, 2015

My pc is comprised of an r9 280, i5 4690k and 8gb of ram.  I run the 14.12  on windows 8.1 and have also tried the later beta drivers.  Whenever I use mantle for about 30 minutes I crash.  My temps were fine, my cpu never over 60 degrees and my gpu never over 70.  The only info I could find is a small crash report which says display drivers have crashed but have recovered, or something to that nature.  After that occurs battifield 4 becomes unresponsive and I have to force it close with task manager.  I've done clean uninstalls with ddu, underclocked, overclocked and even flashed my mobo.  Nothing has worked.  I can use dx but with a giant performance hit.  This also seems to happen with dragon age inquisition.  Half the reason I bought the r9 280 was for mantle support but it hasn't worked for me yet.  Any help will be welcomed because I'm at my whits end.