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OpenCL device fission on GPGPUs

Question asked by glupescu on Jun 5, 2015
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I'm currently looking into subdevice creation/device fission with GPGPUs. From what I see it is a part of OpenCL 1.2 and listed here by Khronos clCreateSubDevices

From what I've read on the internet an in the AMD forums device fission is NOT supported, example [1], [2].


I'd like to mention that I did a query on CL_DEVICE_PARTITION_MAX_SUB_DEVICES and got 8 respective 16 for AMD Kaveri A10 and R7 265 respectively yet clCreateSubDevices always returned invalid value (regardless of any properties value I'd give). The CPU partition of course works without any issues. My questions are the following:


1. Is device fission supported on any GPU from AMD ? If not is there any plan for a future GPU ?

2. If GPU device fission is not supported why is this ? Is there any clear hardware constraint for this or is it just not implemented in software yet ?

3. Are AMD GPUs supporting OpenCL 1.2 (the latestet SDK 3.0 advertises 2.0 actually). If so is the subdevice feature optional or do the conformance tests not include such a test ?





[1] Device Fission on GPU

[2] Is Device Fission supported for GPU in APP SDK 2.9? (OpenCL 1.2)