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    GTA V - Cutscene issues on an R9 285


      Any other R9 285 owners experience weird graphical artifacts during the in-game cutscenes? (mainly ones which take place outdoors)


      The previous frame(s) is spread across the current one when camera movement occurs.


      Normal interactive gameplay is unaffected.


      I've taken a few screenshots here:

      GTA V screenshots


      There's also a video uploaded by someone else (very severe example) and a reddit post:

      GTA 5 Graphics Problem (R9 285) - YouTube

      reddit post


      Is this common to all R9 285 cards or am I just unlucky?


      A (known?) game glitch or a issue possibly related to the new colour compression feature?



      This issue occurs with both 15.4 & 15.5 beta drivers and I've already filed a report using the AMD Issue Reporting Form.


      I've yet to play the Witcher 3 extensively to see if I'm affected by the crashing issue (but will now that v1.05 is out)


      I played though the tutorial to the first tavern (after griffin) without issue on the brief play I had.





      It looks like I'm also affected by the Witcher 3 black screen crash bug =\


      The game goes to a non-responsive black screen after taking a number of hits in combat.


      Made it as far as a sidequest near the first town. Strangely didn't crash out during the first fist fight outside the tavern.


      EDIT 2


      Using the files taken from the latest Windows 10 drivers resolves all of my crashing/graphical issues in GTA V and the Witcher 3 - that's under a Windows 7 x64 system using an R9 285.


      > Install the latest AMD Catalyst 15.5 Beta Driver for Windows

      > Download the appropriate driver DLL files (I'm using the 1038.zip found in the DirectX 10-11.2 folder)

      > Extract the four DLL files:

      • aticfx32.dll
      • aticfx64.dll
      • atidxx32.dll
      • atidxx64.dll


      > Copy to each games installation directory


      Witcher 3 -> GOG Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64

      GTA V -> base folder (same folder as PlayGTAV.exe, GTA5.exe, GTAVLauncher.exe, etc)


      > Run the game


      I've played for hours without issue!

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          Man, I hope this works A whole lot of people, including game developers and *cough* graphics *cough* card *cough* companies are going to be happy. I don't own either of the games, but I am hoping this is a 'fix' that can be incorporated by the mentioned companies so a average Joe doesn't have to jump through hoops.

          And it would be nice to have fewer posts about it.