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R9 295X2 performance issues

Question asked by seondo on Jun 5, 2015

So I bought this card last year just before christmas


When playing GTA 5 I get 30-50 frames driving, depending on the area, but I do get upto 144 frames, my monitor is a 144Hz monitor


Just bought witcher 3, tweaked the settings and i'm getting around 40-60 frames on 1080P



I've been reading a few of the threads in here about this card and typical getting plenty of abuse from friends who use Nvidia products


What is the issue with this card? I know there will be driver problems with the games untill they are updated


But does it feel like this card is under performing? I've seen people easily get 70+ frames on witcher


My motherboard is an ASUS m5a99x evo R2.0, Using a piledriver black edition 4.2 GHZ processor aswell


I'm not sure if I should bother upgrading into the 300 series or not since the new cards will be coming out shortly