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    Physics/Visual issues in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?


      I have already addressed this same issue to CDProjektRED and am using the latest version of the beta drivers and have played with my settings: no luck, still having issues...so, I will post this here to see if I can get some useful feedback...


      I am running The Witcher 3 through Steam on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine with a AMD R9 290, AMD A10-7850K and 8GB of RAM. My graphics drivers are up to date and my game settings are optimized to the recommended settings as listed by AMD. I am encountering very few if any graphics or loading bugs. That said, I am encountering several very annoying physics bugs - nothing that makes the game unplayable, but just annoys me on a regular basis and ruins the immersion.


      To describe these bugs I will be brief for the time being...


      1. Cloth: Any hanging or stretched fabric - to include, sails, tents, awnings, clothing on a line, rags, clothing on characters that hangs below the waist, and tassels on character clothing - violently flutters/flaps/dances around in all sorts of random directions with no relation to any outside influence by another force such as a character's movement or the wind.


      2. Hanged Men: Same problem as above.


      3. Creature renders do not disappear after death: When Geralt is fighting and kills a creature, sometimes the model gets stretched out in all directions forming a nonsensical polygon shape that he is capable of walking through but not seeing through. This does not go away. Same goes for anything that he launches into the air in a fight. The body hangs there and does not fall.


      4. Launching bodies into the air: When fighting, Geralt sometimes will launch a creature into the air and send it flying long distances.


      5. Geralt creates abstract art sculptures through combat: Upon the death of many of the hominid creatures their corpses stretch into strange polygons that you are not able to see through but can pass through. Sometimes these polygons are literally HUGE!


      6. Female character breasts 'dancing' in cut-scenes: Moving of their own volition with no regard to how the character is moving.


      7. Bouncing barrels and other random objects: Sometimes while exploring, Geralt will come across barrels that are just bouncing around for no reason. If he makes one of these barrels explode, the pieces will continue to bounce around and do not disappear. Also, if Geralt happens to bump into an object, sometimes it too will bounce or jitter. Makes absolutely obnoxious sounds...


      8. Geralt's hair and medallion jitter: Standing still, in cut-scenes, or when moving, Geralt's hair and medallion do not move in a fluid motion and will jitter/dance for no reason.


      See the attached files for my dxdiag as well as some screenshots that showcase the madness that I am talking about...