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R9 280X DVI output breaking

Question asked by supermop2000 on Jun 6, 2015
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I'm having an issue with a recently purchased R9 280X.


Every so often the DVI ports start outputting an unsupported display mode, causing my LCD monitors to display an error message (in the case of my Dell 1907FP screens "Cannot Display This Video Mode").


This normally happens when I switch outputs back and forth between my 3-screen setup and my TV. The issue tends to go away after about 1 week on average (usually random) but ALWAYS comes back.


I have configured the display output correctly - 1280x1024@60 - on both Dell LCD's and they are constantly displaying this error. There is a second message saying "Optimum resolution: 1280x1024 60Hz" - which is what they are set to, so no idea why they are not working.


As said, the issue seems to always start when I change display outputs, but will stay for at least a couple of days - more often around a week - before resolving itself.


I have attempted with both versions of the Catalyst driver (14.12 and 15.4) - the recommended version for my system is 15.4 (I play GTA V and I have a CrossFire setup).


I have tried using the ports individually and during the issue, the DVI ports do not work AT ALL, individually or otherwise.


3 Screen setup:


1 - DisplayPort: Iiyama ProLite X2485 - 1920x1200@60

2 - DVI 1: Dell 1907FP 19" - 1280x1024@60

3 - DVI 2: Dell 1907FP 19" - 1280x1024@60


They run in this layout:


2          1          3


The issue starts if I add or remove screens - I also have my TV connected to the HDMI port but not always outputting, and when I switch this on and then back to the 3-screen - the DVI ports break.


Any help appreciated. This is a REALLY frustrating issue. On top of all the other driver related issues I'm having with GTA 5, this is starting to make me want to go back to Intel/nVidia - like REALLY badly.