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PC can't shutdown normally after driver update.

Question asked by rai_m on Jun 3, 2015

     My PC currently runs on Windows 8.1 64-bit with switchable graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 and AMD Radeon HD 8600M Series. When I bought it, it had Win 8 and after I got forced into updating by Windows, some games and applications had trouble with the switchable graphics settings (even though I made sure to set them on high performance). This resulted in notorious loses of performance on some of them which I even had to run in compatibility mode for Win to even get them to work. Anyways, I could play most games at decent settings.


     So a couple of days ago I decided to update my GPUs drivers thinking they were going to make them work well on Win 8.1. So I updated the Intel drivers and got no problem, then I used the autodetect tool to find the suitable driver for my AMD. I installed it, rebooted, and went on to try it. Switchable graphics worked perfectly, I didn't have to run anything on compatibility anymore, and the performance improved greatly. There was the problem however that every time I selected to shutdown my PC, it would seemingly do so, only to turn itself back on immediately, as if I had chosen to restart. I investigated a little and the thing I found is that my PC is crashing when shutting down, so it reboots. I already confirmed it is in fact a driver issue with the AMD driver because I performed a system restore before installing it and I could shut down normally, then proceeded to re-install and the problem came back.


TL.DR: PC doesn't shutdown, it reboots automatically. Driver update is causing the problem.


     I don't intend this thread as a complaint, I just want to know what would be the best thing to do. I really like the better performance and switchable graphics working properly for the first time since I updated to Win 8.1, but I don't like having something causing my PC to crash constantly on shutdown. Should I perhaps try with the second-to-newest driver? Or does anyone have another suggestion?


Thanks in advance!

(I'm sorry for my English if it resulted in a hard read)