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XFX R9 290 driver issues

Question asked by smoots on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by xfxsupport

I've just finished building a computer for the first time and I want to start playing games.  However, I need to install all the appropriate drivers.  I've put everything in the right spots, PCI-E connector is plugged into the card, fans are working, LED's are on, everything rearing to go.  Only problem is that when I use Auto-Detect, it says that I'm using Intell HD graphics.  I've done the manual driver select and it gave me an error: Install Package Failure!


Can anyone point me in the right direction, as I'm fairly new to all of this.


If this helps, I have an HDMI cable connected from my Motherboard port directly into my monitor.  Would connecting it from the Card itself change it or would I need a VGA cable?