R9 290X not working with Alienware Graphics Amplifier

Discussion created by c4t3y3 on Jun 3, 2015

I have a brand new Alienware 15 with an R9 M295X as dGPU, paired with an Alienware Graphics Amplifier that holds a R9 290X, Windows 8.1 x64. Without the AGA connected the System works flawless. However when the AGA is connected the 290X is properly listed in device manager, yet it fails to enumerate via DXGI and is hence not accessible to Direct3D 11. Oddly enough, I can execute OpenCL kernels on the 290X without any problem, therefore I think it is actually fully powered up and (in theory) operational. It's just not visible to Direct3D for some reason. I have tried the latest Omega Drivers for the Graphics Amplifier and the latest non-AGA Drivers. Result is the same. Any suggestions would be appreciated...