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    A10 7800K and Radeon R9 285


      Hi All,


      I'm having problem with my configuration, I just bought myself Radeon R9 285 and installed it with APU A10 7800K, the problem were when I was usin R7 250, there was an option for dual graphics, but when i used this one, it just disappeared ( dual graphics option in ccc ). Was it not compatible or I need to upgrade my OS ( currentlu using Win 7 64 bit ) or there were another issues ? Looking forward to any idea given, thank you

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          Hey paktua_13,


          Your integrated graphics processing unit and the R7 250 were compatible in your previous configuration thus, why dual graphics was a valid option previously. The same cannot be said in regards to utilizing your discreet graphics processing unit (AMD R9 285) as the primary card. Also please note that due to differing architectures, AMD Crossfire™ wouldn't be an option for you without another AMD R9 285 for future reference.


          In theory you could disable your primary discreet video card (R9 285), thus enabling your dual graphics option once again. Yet there wouldn't be any benefit in doing so performance wise. Anyways, with that being said. A single AMD R9 285 vastly out performs your previous dual graphics configuration by far.


          I hope this answers your question and have a nice day.


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            Lord Helmet's right, A10 Processors can only do dual graphics with R7 250's (with DDR3, not GDDR5) at best, and when you have something as strong as the R9 285, you're better off using just the R9 285 by itself.


            When DirectX12 comes out, games may be able to use both your A10's igpu and the 285 together, but not in Crossfire mode, but both separately for different tasks.  That'll be called "asynchronous rendering" I think, and it's something that sends big stuff to the dedicated GPU (like the 285) and the small stuff toe the igpu (on the A10 processor).  That's when DX12 comes out though, and it's too soon to know if that'll be a widespread thing.  Apparently, rumors state that DX12 is capable of that, though.

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              Please refer to the following link for more information on Dual Graphics and compatibility.