Which AMD GPU up to 500€ for use with CodeXL under Ubuntu 12.04

Discussion created by zebra123 on Jun 3, 2015
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edit: Recent CodeXL release doesn't support Ubuntu 12.04! Need to use Ubuntu 14.04.


Hey there,


I recently worked with Nvidia GPUs and OpenCL, but lately I want to switch to AMD GPUs because of better OpenCL support.

Right now I am interested in using CodeXL for debugging OpenCL code under Ubuntu 12.04.

Therefore I need to purchase an AMD GPU. The budget given to me is up to 500€.


As I want as less trouble as possible, I thougth to check here for an advice which AMD GPU up to 500€ would suite scientific computing under Ubuntu 12.04 using CodeXL best. And if needed I appreciate any information of what I should take into account as well. For me it is important to achieve proper debugging of OpenCL code and to have an up to date GPU.

Looking forward to your advice!


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