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R9 290 textures flickering/shimmering and shadow glitches

Question asked by skydruidz on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2015 by littleblue

I'm opnening this disctusion because i'm having the problem in the title.


Specs: r9 290 stock / i5 -4570 / ocz 550 fatality / gigabyte p85-d3 / 8gigs.


So , the problem is present in Gta 5 , CS go and witcher 3 with gta 5 being almost unplaiable.In gta the grass is pixalated white , shadows and textures load slow and it seems as anti aliasing is doing no job because the edges are jagged and when I move my camera there is a SLIGHT flicker around those edges and textures.In witcher 3 and CS Go is not that noticable but the flicker/shimmer is still there.




!!Only when moving my camera or character otherwise it looks good.





I've triend several.... drivers 15.5 / omega / 15.2 even some w10 drivers found on guru3d.I've noticed the problem after installing the 15.5 drivers when they were launched.I'l provide some screenshots and videos , not mine in particular but with the exact same problem.


I also want to point out that I've tried fixing the problem by:


Cleaning my gpu and cpu and reaplying thermal paste , the results were good and by good I mean lower temps and pretty much only that.


A bunch of hdmi/dvi cables


Playing around with CCC ( forcing aa mlaa texture on quality and not performance etc)


As you might have figured out none have had any impact whatsoever and i'm still stuck with this problem.


I've stated above that there is a SLIGHT flicker.Might think i'm picky but after you see it you can never unsee.


Flickering/Jagged lines - YouTube


Not my video but I think it's not necesary hence the problem is alike.


GTA 5 Graphics Comparison - PC / PS4 / Xbox One / PS3 / Xbox 360 - YouTube


Also , if you skip the video to about 8.2 and watch till 8.12 my graphics , even on ultra (4x msaa everything very/ultra) look like on the Xbone verion of the above video , with that strange white pixelation around the edges.Not to mention the shadows loading when i'm 10ft away..


I'd really apriciate some guidance and tips because I can't play games , even watch some videos because of this.


Performance is great however , being able to run witcher 3 on ultra (shadows low and nvidia failworks off ) 50-60 fps the only problem I'm facing is stricly visually.


*Maybe someone with simmilar specs might check out these games (especially witcher ) and see if the problem is there.


Also I was wondering if I should Change the bios?