Discerning cause of video failure R9 290x

Discussion created by will43 on Jun 3, 2015
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Have a PC problem and could use wisdom...


Computer: new workstation, dual display (ASUS VS247's), in extended 1920x1080,   CPU is AMD FX-9590; liquid cooled; 16GB, Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit; video card is Radeon R9 290x.


System runs fine with minimal things open and no motion video app...  when viewing online video (youtube or via explorer or chrome) or playing a game in Steam, video card crashes after a non-specific period of time (screens blank, keyboard freezes, i.e. caps lock unresponsive, etc).  Typically within 15 min of playing a game, but it works for a little while.


Furmark GPU stress test can cause card to fail in a couple of minutes (hits ~94C). 

In reading about the card some note the fan noise at higher temps, but I rarely hear any significant fan/motions until at the moment of failure.


Is there something to diagnostic check the hardware to discern the issue, or is this a swap video card type of solution?