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Sapphire R9 270X Dual-X 4GB GDDR5 Black lines and points

Question asked by raptorv on Jun 3, 2015

Hello can someone take me a hand,i know a lot of problems whit that series but cant find some close to mine...

this morning i recibed the card,after put on pc and install lastest drivers from shappire via catalyst (i try cd and web mode),when i try to play any game,makes on screen lot of large black lanes and black points,thats no matter on desktop or google,the lanes are not specific,got from all sides of screen horizontal,vertical and corner to corner,the lanes comes and out,same whit the points,looks like Fx somes little somes bigs and the same comes and out,some idea?


Comes from Nvidia,and buy this one cause i got sweet dreams from my old shappire 512mb gddr3,but never more amd for me...