Problems updated "Catalyst Control Center" (CCC) V 13.1  to V 13.9

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New problem (occurred with this new, for my system, version V 13.9) to which I have faced so far:

- In the "Preferences" CCC, when I turn off (deselect) the "Enable the menu of the system tray" (for among others "hide" logo/pictogram in the status bar at the bottom right of the
Windows screen.) This option automatically at reactivates it every PC reboot. The "Hide" right-click on the logo/pictogram of the CCC status bar changes nothing.
(see 2 attached pictures)


Old problem (existing with version 13.1):

- When selecting the "Performance" menu > "AMD OverDrive" software to potentially overclock the CPU and graphics processor, once clicked on "OK" in the "License
Agreement" of this technology, the window returns to the page Home of CCC and the "Performance" menu disappears.
(see 1 attached picture)

But for this problem (bug?) This may be is that my graphics card does not allow for overclocking and the fact that my motherboard is not under AMD processor? If this is the case, a message indicating the (or from the start non-appearance of this overclocking menu) would have been welcome and would avoid the frustration...


Tank you


My bad English is a English by a French...


System profile:
- Graphics card : "ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro" - 512 Mb – PCIe
- PC: MT 7 Medion - Intel Core 2 Quad
- Motherboard: MSI Q35MDO (MS-7358)
- Win 7 Pro 64 bits
- RAM 4 GB (3.25 usable)