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Hello community!


My name is Michael and I am from Greece. I had the bad luck to be born in a country of liars, hypocrites and non thinkable cratures. As more of you may have heard there is an economic crysis here. I also had the bad luck to grow to become a computer enthusiast. Currently I am running on an FX 8350, an asRock 970 extreme 4 mb, 6gb of dd3, a chieftec 550w psu and a Corsair 750D case. My cpu is liquid cooled by an XSPC Raystorm 750 EX240 water cooling kit. As you understand it is a very high end "gaming" computer. The reason gaming is quoted is because I got an AMD Radeon HD 5770 gpu which is a very old and outdated gpu for this system. I currently cant afford a new GPU because the prices here are very high. You see I am a student at University and I have to save money for a year for every part I want to buy. Let me give you an example on how much more expensive pc parts are in Greece. An R9 290 in America costs about 280-320 $ but the same GPU in Greece costs about 320-380 euros whis is 360-425$. This pricing difference dosen't apply only on electronics. It applies everywhere even on food supplies. Given the fact that the mid sallary in Greece is at about 700 euros which translates to 780$ you can understand the situation here.


I just wanted to describe the situation here and let people know that it is not the goverment to blame for this situation but all of the Greeks. I know I might be off topic but I really wanted to share these thoughts. Every day I wake up and check the prices to see if there is a proper GPU I can afford.


Thanks for listening,