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    stock cooler not working properly


      i am from india

      and i have recently purchased amd fx8320

      the problem is that the stock cooler provided is making too much noise and its not being able to cool my cpu properly

      the installation is perfect and the cpu cooler connection is proper.please help

        • Re: stock cooler not working properly

          Could you perhaps provide us with a bit more information to enable the community the ability to assist you.


          • What motherboard are you using for your configuration? Please list your complete specifications for transparency purposes to assist us while troubleshooting.


          • Although you stated that the installation was performed correctly, have you attempted to re-seat the heat sink and reapply the thermal compound once more to ensure it wasn't user  installation error?


          • Have you tested the heat sink fan for issues when not installed after the issue occurred? If so, were you able to replicate the overtly loud ambient sound out of the encasement?


          • Please describe the instance with more detail in regards to your sound issues (Example: Maximum fan rpm operation, Motor malfunction "rattle" etc.)


          Once I receive all of the information requested above, I'll have a clearer perspective on your current situation.

          • Re: stock cooler not working properly

            In a country with a very hot climate like India, you would be well advised to get a capable aftermarket closed loop liquid cooler.