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installed new amd 290x tri-x now screen randomly goes black and have to reboot pc!

Question asked by wildeye15 on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by wildeye15

system specs


motherboard=  p8p67-deluxe

cpu              = intel 3.4ghz 2600k quadcore with liquid cooling. (NOT OVERCLOCKED)

hardrive       = westerndigital 7200rpm 1tb green

OS               = windows 7 64bit pro edition

ram=           = name brand 1600mghz  4gig sticks 16gig total


ok so i installed the amd 290x tri-x card installed most recent drivers from amd website.  now my screen goes black at seemingly

random times.


i reinstalled drivers.   then uninstalled old nvidia card drivers.  then updated the motherboard bios.


then checked all internal connections. then sprayed inside with air can.


problem is still happening please help!!!!