Ati 5970 DVI resolution issue

Discussion created by mrbig1225 on Jun 1, 2015

Hello I have a amd 5970. Ive had it since it was resleased and it has served me well. I recently purchased a new ultra wide screen monitor 21:9 (Resolution 2560*1080). I connected through the mini display port and all was great. I decided to add a second 21:9 monitor and to my surprise the gpu will not allow me to raise the resolution past 1920*1080. I have the 2nd monitor connected through a dual link dvi to hdmi cable. To attempt to troubleshoot the issue I disconnected the monitor that was connected via display port..... still stuck at 1080p resolution. I connected using the same cable with another computer and the monitor and it allowed the native resolution of 2560*1080. I believe its an issue with the DVI? I understand that the video card can support up to 2560*1600 with dvi..... not sure why its limited me. I have purchased an active display port adapter... no dice.  Any help would be appreciated.