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    Red Team Member's Introduction


      Hey guys! Didn't see anything like this yet and thought I'd get it rolling -- Introduce yourself! Tell everyone your handle, your specs, your Twitter handle, your favorite games - whatever else your heart desires.


      My name is hutchison15, I am currently rocking an XFX R9 290X, DD edition. Right now I'm hooked on FPS-type games, like CS:GO and BF4. You can find me on Steam here, and on Twitter here.


      Your turn - gogogo!

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          hiya!  My name is Evil Zoe and you can find my specs by here and viewing my "Rig Showcase". I enjoy many types of games. Some include: MMORPGs, FPS, Action/Adventure, and Simulators.  You can find me as Zoe on Steam, @Evil_Zoe Twitter, evilzoe on Instagram, and my Evil Zoe Facebook Page.  You can also find me streaming as EvilZoe on Twitch.    As you can tell, I'm all over social media...  


          Oh, and there is a new social media site aimed towards gamers at "player.me" & you can find me there as EvilZoe

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              hey kids,


              I'm sabah70 and i've been using amd since my first build. cCurrently I have an all amd build. crosshair formula z, FX8350, and fx R9 290 DD. On twitter I'm sabah704 and you can find me on facebook as adrian russell. Love playing games....I'm not good at it  but I enjoy the heck out of it. I also frquently can be found on the asus rog forums looking forward to this.

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              Hello. Morthos here. I'm a 47 y/o gamer, system designer/integrator and appreciate the price to performance value with AMD. My current "fun" system is as follows:



              MSI R7-250oc 2gb

              AMD Radeon Gamer series 16gb DDR3

              MSI A88X-G45 Mobo

              1tb Seagate Hybrid x2

              Enermax LIQMAX 120S cpu cooler

              Thermaltake MS-I Commander Epic edition (AMD branded) case


              This little jewel with its quad core and dual R7 graphics surprised the hell out of me. I run just about any game I want at Ultra settings, at 1080i. It never lags, never stutters, no tearing, no artifacts, etc. I slam down alot of HoTS, GW2, Diablo 3, Shadows of Mordor and it just doesn't quit. I built this as an experiment, something to goof off not expecting this APU to perform well. Guess again. I retired my intel box and game solely with this guy now. This will go to my daughter at the end of the summer and I intend to build a new rig, AMD exclusive.

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                Greetings, my name is Rich.  I am 35 years old never married wih no kids.  I live and work in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)  I am grateful to still have my parents and I also have a sister, which made me an uncle 10 years ago by giving me a very smart and beautiful niece.  I enjoy movies, music, technology and the outdoors.  I also collect many things predominantly war medals which started when my mother gave me my grandfather's WWII awards.  I have small collections of knives, games, blu-ray's and just about every Razer product I can get my hands on.


                I am a self taught PC builder and casual gaming enthusiast.  I was first introduced to gaming at my godparents house when I was young.  They had a Vectrex machine and I would spend hours playing Space Battle.  That progressed into my recieving the Nintendo Entertainment System and moving on to Mario Brothers, Duck hunt and my favorite Rygar.  My next step up was to the SNES and I was hooked again on games like Mario Brothers and Street Fighter II.  My father purchased our first "beast" PC when I was in my early teens, a six thousand dollar Gateway Pentium all-in-one.  I played a multitude of games on this PC.  The ones that stand out the most in memory are Interstate 75, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Mechwarrior 3, Centurion, Betrayal at Krondor, Police Quest, Quest for Glory and Diablo.  I used this PC until I moved out of the house at 18.  At that point I had a full time job and NO pc for quite a while (5 years roughly).   When I did finally stop working all the time, and established myself,  I decided to purchase a computer.  I have been in a few clans, most memorable being FL370 (Flight Level 370) it was comprised of, and built/formed by pilots.  We still active on that other social site in a group and I have a lot of memories with those people. In the past I have competed in CAL (Cyber Athlete League) and TWL (Team Warfare League) playimg Call of Duty 1&2 in Search and Destroy and TDM game modes. I am a battlefield franchise lifer and mainly play FPS games, although I do play just about everything.  Now, when my schedule allows me I build my own rigs and play at every chance I can get! 




                Steam - richk_bp

                Twitter - Dick252




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                  Well hey I'm Olly, you can find me at ollyl87 on twitter. I'll go through a quick history of how I got into where I am so far as PC gaming goes. My Dad bought a PC by Tiny many years ago and it came with demos of Cossacks and Settlers 3, I really got into those games, Cossacks especially. At the time I didn't really appreciate PCs etc so I soon moved onto consoles and stayed gaming with them for a long time. But in 2012 I was food shopping with my girlfriend in Morrisons and The Settlers 7 was on offer for a pound. A whole Pound. So I bought it thinking my laptop at the time would play it and relive the glory days. Nah. So I flicked through a few sites, came across ebuyer and ended up buying a cyberpower pc with an FX4100 and HD7750. After that I bought a few games, got stressed that I couldn't run them at max settings and didnt really understand why so bought a second 7750. This led me to start reading and learning and eventually upgrade to an 8150 and a 7970, then an 8350, a second 7970 and eventually the 295X2 I have today after much learning, swearing and wondering why I ever bothered. Which by the way I do not regret one bit. So basically I blame a supermarket for my PC. Cheers Morrisons for one of the best things I've done!

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                    HEY Team Red.

                    My gaming handle is Tindeath (Zeaffer/LifeBlade), I am a gamer, system builder, blogger, and modder. Been rocking AMD in my computer builds since the K5. One of the happiest days for myself building systems was July 24, 2006 when AMD acquired ATI. Anyways, I am truly thankful for AMD (competition keep companies on the cutting edge) and only use AMD components in my builds. Their components helped grow the PC gaming community with quality products at an affordable price so those on a budget could build killer gaming systems and still have a few buck to buy some games.




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                      My name is Matthew (But it's Bilko to those online).


                      I started tinkering with PC's when i was about 13 years old swapping out dead ram sticks for new ones and changing out HDD's, after a few years and alot of saving i managed to built my first system.


                      It was a Phenom II 940, Asus M3A78-T, 4GB of Corsair Dominator DDR2 800Mhz and a HIS HD 4850 GPU (All of which i still have apart from the ram which died...)
                      Since then i've upgraded here and there and built up my rig to where it is now, I'll continue to support AMD with my purchases as i love the way they are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and making it a better world for all of us as gamers and enthusiasts


                      You'll see me here and there on these forums as i do alot of tinkering and overclocking of alot of parts and you have any questions or requests don't hesitate to ask

                      Have a good one