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    Radeon HD 7870 causing shutdown and restart



      So, I've been having issues with my AMD Radeon HD 7870 graphic card. When I try to run a game that pushes a little bit more for my graphic card (like Farcry 4) or when I run a stress test (FurMark) my pc just shutdown and restart a couple of seconds after the game/program run. I always keep an eye on the temp and I'm pretty sure that's not the issues since the higher temps I had on my GPU it's around 45º Celsius.

      I've been looking around for similar issues and all I could find is some poeple had faulty cards but since I have mine for over 3 years without any issue I doubt that's my case.

      I would like to know what can I do to solve this, or if is there any way to do a diagnostic report from my card.


      Thanks for reading and hope you can help.