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Issues with The Witcher 3 crashing to desktop

Question asked by pagefault404 on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by dutcher_butcher

I cannot for the life of me figure out why I am unable to run The Witcher 3 for longer than thirty minutes before the application closes itself. It does not crash, it closes. No windows application, system or security error logs. I have tried the following fixes:


Adjusted settings to every pre-set setting from Low to Ultra: No change
Adjusted Settings manually without presets to create a custom detail level: No change
AA Off: No Change
All recommended fixes: No change
Adjusted swap file size to correct size (16,384MB x 1.5 = 25,576MB. Was 16,575 system configured ): No change
Underclocked GPU: No change
Underclocked GPU and CPU: No change
Underclocked CPU: No change


My system crashed once from overheating. Performed routine maintenance and cable management more than decreased my temperatures, giving light to the current issues I now have


I am starting to run out of ways to troubleshoot this short of trying to actually run real-time debuggers or calling CDPR and pleading with them to assist me. This is my last stop before I am completely out of options. My specs are below:


AMD FX 8350
Radeon R9 290X (AMD 15.5 Beta Drivers)
Windows 7 x64
700w Power Supply




My 290X never exceeds 70c
CPU never exceeds 43c


I am desperate. If anyone can assist me in any way, I would be over the moon grateful!


Thank you.