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15.3 Drivers - MST Hub

Question asked by wavetyler on Jun 1, 2015
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I'm have a brand new install of Ubuntu 14.04 running with one (1) dell U2415b MST hub monitor and two (2) other Dell 24s.   If I install Omega, (14.12) the MST hub is detected on the monitor everything is fine and I get three monitors.  However, if I let apt update FGLRX to the latest 15.3 driver, the MST hub no longer functions (is not detected) and only two (2) monitors are available no matter what I do.  The only way to get it back is to revert to the 14.12 Omega. What is changed in the latest driver that would cause this? Would not support for something like MST hubs be crucial in the latest drivers?  Am I missing something here? I've asked this question before for Ubuntu 15.04, because it suffers from the same issue (same driver version) but I get no response from anyone.  Can someone from AMD address this please?