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The new drivers started doing some...problems

Question asked by burnfire on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by burnfire

Hi. I own a Gigabyte R9 290x,and I started having some problems. First of all,it started with the AMD Gaming Evolved app,witch was searching new drivers (and search,and search and so on,without any result). Meanwhile,the app's functions we're unusable. So,forced by need,I uninstaled the Catalyst center,and downloaded a beta version as I remember. All good,it worked well. That well that I started a half-hour stream on Twitch using AMD Gaming Evolved,playing ETS2. I also used MSI Afterburner to see the stats. After about 20 minutes,the temperature of GPU used to reach about 90 grades. I though it was a wrong reading,and I continued to drive to destination. All live last about 30 minutes ( I know,not much). Next day I started Dota 2. I clicked to start watching a TI5 match. After it loaded the match,immediately,a black screen followed. After a restart,the Windows login screen had graphical errors. After Welcome screen,the image blocked,it black screened,re-appeared,blocked,black screened,after that it blue screened. After I've managed to enter in Safe Mode to uninstall the driver,it all goes well now (excepting that I can't open any game). I've tried 2 more drivers from AMD site,and the result is same. What can I do in that situation? Is my video card broken? Thanks (No OC was done. This is the first time I reached that temperature,with fans at 100%)