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Catalyst Update causes Process1_Initilization_Failed BSOD

Question asked by cseiter77 on May 31, 2015

Windows 8.1 with all updates

MSI A75A-G35 Motherboard

SSD primary HD

mechanical 2ndary HD

VGA display


I was updating the Catalyst program for my Radeon HD6570 so I could see what all features I could use.  It had been working up to that point with the monitor plugged in to the video card VGA port..  When the PC rebooted it was stuck in a BSOD loop with the error "Process1_Initilization_Failed."


I have attempted two system restores with a successful message but BSOD after reboot, had to rename the pending.xml to even get sfc /scannow to work because it was stuck on the restore process, and have pulled the card completely and have the video running off the onboard VGA.  Booting into safe mode even gives the BSOD.


Any thoughts?