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Hello I'm trying to run Crossfire on The Witcher 3 wild hunt but it does not work I can play BF4 it works just fine is there something I need to do for the witcher for Crossfire to work using driver 14.4 If I install the beta driver do I just install it over the 14.4 or do I uninstall the 14.4 driver thank you.     


System Specs


Asrock Z77e4

G.skill Sniper 16gb @ 1600

R9 280x Xfx 1000/1500

R9 280x Asus Matrix 1000/1500

1Tb Wd Blue 7200

120 Kingston SSD O/s only win 8 pro x64

Psu Ocz 850w Gold

Asus Monitor 24 @ 1920x1080