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Minecraft 1.8.6-1.8.4 Crashing on start: Mojang Support directs users to AMD for support

Question asked by bowler_hat on May 31, 2015
Latest reply on May 31, 2015 by kingfish

Hey All,



Recently, I've had crippling issues with Minecraft and AMD drivers. Specifically, the crashes have gotten worse, and I'm unable to get past the load screen without a crash. I've gone ahead and worked with Mojang and the Minecraft community for the last three weeks, and the powers that be lay the claim of blame on AMD:


"[Mod] Mustek added a comment - 23 minutes ago

Look, open the Java crashlog, see that the problematic frame is atio6axx.dll. This belongs to your ATI graphics card."


The game crashes with AMD Catalyst 13.4, 13.9 13.10beta when:

If you have this issue, an update to AMD Catalyst 13.9 Desktop
or AMD Catalyst 13.10 beta2
may help.
If you still having issues after that, please report that to AMD
* 13.9:
* 13.10 beta
* 13.10 Mobility beta:"


So I come here, for ideas and suggestions. I'll start small, how, do I go about contacting AMD for support, phone, e-mail, or any in person offices or similar. I've been playing this game for the last 5+ years, and I'd like to continue. This entire recent experience has got me rather....dejected...and depressed about the two companies I've used together for so long.


Any help, or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.