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weird graphical problem

Question asked by salathiel on May 31, 2015

Good day,

i have weird problem with my AMD R9 270 graphic card. First one i bought around new year 2014. It all went well but after one year or so it died....i just started pc started game (World of tanks) and then the screen did this. 11229427_10203969285024264_3548195980504267267_n.jpg

After restart the graphic card just died. It would be detected but it just would not work i tried to do reinstall of windows,drivers , try it on another pc and other things but results were all the same i had not do any overclocking and temperatures were alright the whole time. I sent it to reclamation and they send me new card after month. Well all good...this happened around february this year. The problem starts now. Yesterday it happened again. This time on different game...just right after start up of the game....pc was running around 3 hours prior to that without problems...again the temperatures were alright....and this is the new graphic was not the old one repaired...or at least i think so...but entirelly new piece...11063586_10203969301344672_8310402366181338731_n.jpg

I got spooked so i just turned off the pc. But this time after restart it started normally..and is still working.


I am using Windows 7 64bit. I dont know the exact catalyst that i was using before but now i have 14.12 AMD Catalyst Omega Software (2014.1120.2123.38423. )

Driver Packaging Version 14.501.1003-141120a-177998C

Exact graphic card is MSI R9 270 gaming 2G i think. I will provide aditionall information if needed just ask.


My question is....why is it doing? Is it problem of GPU? or could the problem be originating from somewhere else? Can i prevent it? if yes how?