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    AMD FX 8350


      Ive got problem i got fan

      SilentiumPC Fortis HE1225  also i mounted second fan because when i got 1 fan on 100 % i got temperature 70-80 when i plugin second fan i got temp 50 but when i turn on games i got 70-80 + why temperatures are so high ? how i can change it some in bios ? i got motherboard msi gaming 970

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          Seeing as you are using a 3rd party cooling unit you would need to contact the manufacturer of that device regarding support for it.

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            my idle is 35 , while playing 65 max and i go nuts for that , Btw 70 c your cpu should throttle .

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              Alex responded to the question of temperatures of the FX 8350 on our 'old' forum. Here is his response:


              Concerning your question regarding the temperatures with your processor. (1090) the maximum temperature threshold is 62 Celsius which set for the internal die (core) temperature of the chip. The core temperatures have an equational offset to determine temperature which equalizes at about 45 Celsius thus giving you more accurate readings at peak temperatures. The hindrance in this is the sub ambient idle temperature readings you speak of.


              The silicon and adhesives used in manufacturing these processors has a peak temperature rating of 97+ Celsius before any form of degradation will take place. The processor also has a thermal shut off safe guard in place that shuts the processor down at 90 Celsius.


              The Cpu temperature is read form a sensor embedded within the socket of your motherboard causing about a 7-10 Celsius variance form the actual Cpu temperature, which may be what you are reading about on the net.


              You can use an application called AMD overdrive, that will allow you to monitor your temperatures accurately.


              As long as your core temperature has not exceeded the high side of the 60 degree mark for extended periods of time you should be ok. 62 degrees holds a generous safety net to begin with.


              I hope I was able to answer your questions, If you have any more inquiries don't hesitate to contact us.



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                  I thought that my cooler is to weak to do this but i was in service and they told my cas eis too smal and its boiling inside xd so i boughted another, biger case and now everything works properly max is 65 celcius when 100 % all cores works so its not high as it was, thank you everybody for yours statement