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    Catalyst Omega (14.12) - Black screen in SOME games


      I have a laptop with two graphics cards – Intel HD and Radeon HD 5650 (HP Pavilion dv6 3026er).

      In Catalyst 14.11.2 Beta it was all good. All games launched. But more recent drivers caused problems with black screen.

      In Catalyst Omega (14.12) and newer beta drivers some games launching with black screen. Despite that these games are working… I hear the music from the main menu and see mouse cursor and all that… but the screen is black and nothing is visible. And I know exactly that all games are launching on Radeon HD 5650.


      for example

      Games that run normally:


      Assassins Creed Chronicles China

      Grand Theft Auto V


      Games that start with a black screen:

      Pro Evolution Soccer 2015                                    

      Deus Ex - Human Revolution

      Life is Strange


      Thank you in advance for your help.