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AMF fails to decode live h.264 stream.

Question asked by brooks on May 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by brooks

Hi, dear masters

     On top of the AMF sample pipelinePlayback in media sdk 1.1, I wrote some code to decode the realtime h.264 stream from another video server. Instead of AMFDataStreamFile, which is created during initialization of playback pipeline, I provided my own 'live source' data stream and inside it, I directed reading from file to live source from network. According to my understanding to pipeline working mechanism, at the beginning of job, I blocked the on-demand reading for PPS/SPS, requested  by the pipeline and until the SPS/PPS is got, the reading call is freed to return back. After that, with synchronization skills, I ensured each reading,afterwards, could retrieve the data from my network buffer,which is holding continuous feed h.264 data. That's basically the outline of my implementation.

   Now, I managed to playback the stream from IP camera successfully, but 2 problems are remarkable,

a. The latency is big, about 2 or 3 seconds. For example, I suddenly move my hand in front of camera, only after 2 or 3 seconds, I could see this motion in my playback window. I do not see such a big latency with 3rd party tool, like onvif manager.

b. The decoded picture's quaility is bad when motion is relatively far. I could see obvious blur blocks surrounding moving objects. When stopped for a whiles, the blur could dissappear.


  And I think, the worst poblem is that I could not get the real-time h.264 stream from video server,( mentioned above ), to be decoded. Always, the command line window shows the following errors,


2015-05-31 10:32:23.859      534 [h264parser_util]   Error: ..\..\..\..\..\impl\components\VideoStreamParser\parsers\h264\h264_util.cpp(91):Assertion failed:false

2015-05-31 10:32:23.877      534 [H264Parser]   Error: ..\..\..\..\..\impl\components\VideoStreamParser\parsers\h264\H264Parser.cpp(2947):GetDPBSize() undefined level_idc=0


Something is wrong? But I am sure that SPS/PPS has been obtained by pipeline, by debugging.

Could anyone do me a favor to analyze the reason?



Brooks Li.