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Linux and AMD

Question asked by cbrookej on May 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by lockheed02

I am using Windows 7, and interested in switching to Linux.  I am 72 yo and my learning curve is flatter than it once was; I am looking for the easiest way to make the transition.  I gather that Ubuntu is the only version I might be able to learn


I have gotten the impression so far that Linux can be run with an AMD processor, but it leads to lots of problems, and may not be feasible for a nongeek to attempt.  Does anyone have an opinion on this?


I have been told that Mint with the Cinnamon UI is the most similar to W7, and would be the easiest for me to learn.  Does anyone have an opinion on this?


I am not a geek.  I  have found most of what I have seen on community forums unintelligible.    Is paid telephone support available for nongeeks?


I will appreciate any help with this.


Brooke Jennings