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    Best RAM for FX8370?


      The question is very simple, I cant decide what memory buy because I want a good memory for my FX, not for Intel, I want the maximum performance posible because you all know that with a intel you get +10fps more, for this reason I bought the 8370 instead 8350, so now I want to replace my old RAM because I cant OC a ***, just the 4300 without turbo core, more is unestable, and freezes, errors in stability test, etc, etc. Im very dissapointed, people over there ocing their 8320 to 4500 and I cant do a *** with my 8370.


      So I went to buy g skill ripjaws 2400 but then I read in their description that are optimized for intel... sure they work but I dont want RAM optimized for intel because I have AMD. Im tired of AMD problems, recently bought TX3 cooler and surprise! I had to put the **** thing horizontally with the fan getting all the gpu hot, nice!!! then I also bought a samsung evo 850 and surprise!! the **** magickian benchmark give terrible results because the SDD doesnt work well with AMD AHCI.


      So yeah Im not trolling, Im just mad. I simply want a good pair of x4GB memory sticks which work nicely with my 8370 and my m5a97 evo r2.


      Thanks for reading!! please help me seriusly! I want to buy as soon as posible.


      Oh and I know about AMD R9 2400 RAM but looks superexpensive/discontinued

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          Most FX processors will run quality RAM at up to ~2133 MHz. without issue even though officially only 1866 MHz. is supported on the FX-8000 series. G.Skill, Corsair, Mushkin, AMD and other brands of RAM should run properly at ~2133 MHz. with the maker's specified timings for the DRAM. There is no need to pay high prices for DDR3 DRAM. You may find some DRAM that runs stable at 2400 MHz. on a FX CPU, but it would be simply hit or miss in most cases as the internal memory controller was never designed for 2400 MHz. DRAM.


          The link below discusses the performance of various RAM frequencies, etc. on desktop CPU performance.


          Why is there no Quad-Channel DDR3-Memory-Interface in the AMD FX-Processors?