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Best RAM for FX8370?

Question asked by titulado on May 30, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2016 by techguy

The question is very simple, I cant decide what memory buy because I want a good memory for my FX, not for Intel, I want the maximum performance posible because you all know that with a intel you get +10fps more, for this reason I bought the 8370 instead 8350, so now I want to replace my old RAM because I cant OC a ***, just the 4300 without turbo core, more is unestable, and freezes, errors in stability test, etc, etc. Im very dissapointed, people over there ocing their 8320 to 4500 and I cant do a *** with my 8370.


So I went to buy g skill ripjaws 2400 but then I read in their description that are optimized for intel... sure they work but I dont want RAM optimized for intel because I have AMD. Im tired of AMD problems, recently bought TX3 cooler and surprise! I had to put the **** thing horizontally with the fan getting all the gpu hot, nice!!! then I also bought a samsung evo 850 and surprise!! the **** magickian benchmark give terrible results because the SDD doesnt work well with AMD AHCI.


So yeah Im not trolling, Im just mad. I simply want a good pair of x4GB memory sticks which work nicely with my 8370 and my m5a97 evo r2.


Thanks for reading!! please help me seriusly! I want to buy as soon as posible.


Oh and I know about AMD R9 2400 RAM but looks superexpensive/discontinued