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Screen is 100% black and Unresponsive

Question asked by xranger08 on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 30, 2015 by Hardwood

I went into my catalyst control center. Succefully detected and identified my second monitor (Samsung SA550). I then went to setup the eyefinity display, selected the second monitor I wanted to use (previously mentioned) hit apply and now both of my monitors do not work in every aspect of the definition. Both of my monitors (Samsung PX2370 and the Samsung SA550 as the secondary) are now pretty paperweights. Both of my monitors don't even detect any input from my computer. They both have an auto detect feature which checks for Digital/HDMI/Analog signals. Resetting the computer does nothing. Not a single pixel appears upon reboot of the computer. I can not boot in Safemode, can not see a single thing period.



Radeon Series 5970 2GB Card

Windows 8



Done VIA iPhone