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    Adding forum categories


      Would it be possible to add 'Laptops' and 'crossfire' to the available forums 'to the right'?


      "" If you are looking for help with AMD products or would like to share your valuable knowledge with the community, you are in the right place. Check out the available forums to the right. Notice that several also have subforums. ""


      My contention  is a person coming to the forum with a crossfire (example) issue has no direct access to all the questions and answers already asked and answered, meaning he could more than likely find the answer to his question without having to join the forum to ask his question which has been asked and answered a hundred times. I think the two additions  (1) Crossfire totally different issues than single cards. (2) Laptops have totally different sets of problems than desktops. To be able to go to a section of the forum that discusses those relevant issues is a good thing.


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          I think the more categories there are, the more confused people get, that's why we often see people post in the wrong place. As an example, think about the current Steam forums, which have so many categories it barely fits a HD screen. And opening most categories you can see moved, moved, moved, moved, moved, moved...


          Few categories are fine, only very distinct topics have to be separated, at least in my opinion. Adding a tagging feature along with filter/search by tags could work as virtual "categories". There could be numerous pre-defined tags which could be used when starting a thread. E.g. you open a thread in the "hardware" section and add a "cross-fire" or "notebook" or whatever tag, and voila. Filtering by "cross-fire" shows related threads in the list and threads don't have to be moved around too much.

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              Always a difficult balance between generality and granularity. I'll point ray_m and sam.tehrani to this.... I need to go back to my developer community.


              kingfish  There is a Crossfire forum. Two in fact: one in Radeon, and one in Firepro. Each is a subforum. Which of course in terms of UI is not ideal, you have to do something to see it. But with umpteen separate support forums, we did implement a little hierarchy.


              In general, we're hoping over time people pay less and less attention to organizational schema (always arbitrary) and use the Search feature. If you search for Crossfire, you'll find both spaces near the bottom of the search results.


              Hope this heps.

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              Thanks jtrudeau !


              We spent quite a while thinking through the categories and decided that we'd  go with fewer rather than more.

              The old forums had over 60 forums/sub topics.



              Lets give this structure some time before we make changes.

              Thanks for the feedback !

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