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PC Gaming: Black Screen with Sound In Background

Question asked by thesecondagent on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by hardcoregames™

Forgive me, but I'm really tired of trying to solve this issue. After two weeks of trying to solve my problem after work, asking for help on forums, and returning items back to Amazon to the point they refuse me, I have become frustrated and disappointed. I am going to copy-paste all posts made on other forums, and any questions I will answer. You folks are literally my last hope <3

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Hello guys!

So after lots of research into why I'm getting this issue, I have attempted most of the advice from previous people on the forum. Sadly I am still at a complete loss.


First of all here's what I got:


Intel Core i5 i5-4690K.

Asus AMD Radeon R9 290 DirectCU II OC Graphics Card (4GB, GDDR5, PCI Express 3.0)

HyperX FURY Series 16 GB

Gigabyte Z97X-SLI Intel LGA1150 Z97 ATX Motherboard

Corsair Builder Series CXM 750W PSU


I don't believe it's a hardware issue because I've sent back all the items to Amazon multiple times. I've asked for advice from them, but their only advice was to refund, to which, I did so. It's gotten to the point where I'm unable to get replacements anymore. I have put together this computer correctly, and tested both memory and CPU. Both came back fine.


The issue happens randomly during gameplay. Sometimes it can happen after 1hour, or 5minutes. With FFXIV:RR (MMO) it mostly happens after 10 minutes. I have underclocked heavily (didn't have affect) and made sure power settings are for performance. I have removed AMD drivers completely and then added them back on. This worked perfectly, and FFXIV was great! However, next day (nothing changed) issue came back. I repeated the step of removing all traces of drivers, then added them back on. This didn't have the same affect. I have made sure all cables are firmly connected. I'm 100% it's not the screen because the cursor can be seen when screen goes black, I can even alt-tab out. My video editing software has also become affected, as it's too sluggish to complete any task.




Strangely enough after turning on the software to measure CPU heat, the fan sounds louder, and all is fine. This might be an odd coincidence. Anyway i'm really quite upset with the situation, and at complete loss. Never had this problem before with any system. I'm all ears for suggestions


Thanks for reading!!


I have noticed a program in task manger called "3D_Enable_G". I haven't noticed this program before, and seems to be why the fan got louder. Unsure if this is useful or not.


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Sometimes I get the error "AMD Drivers Stopped Responding". I've also tried putting the fan speed to 55% in Catalyst. The black screen still occurred sadly.


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I removed all previous drivers with normal install, then advance system care to clear up any leftover files. It's a pretty good software, which does the job!


Oh god, I couldn't even tell that was a switch xD  (Referring to BIOS switch on GPU). It's even smaller in person. Okay I switched it to the left, which is the performance mode I believe? I am unsure because like you said, it seems like something that should be already on. I always thought AMD were good? It's crazy to think that all users of this GPU has to jump through these hoops.


Sadly it still crashed : ( Below are all the pictures I took after the crash, so you can see the dip. Hopefully that will help? Sometimes, it would allow me to tab out. Others, the game become unresponsive, and needed task manger to switch it off.


I've also noticed that my GPU temperature is a solid 80c at idle.










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Can't believe it. The program cleaned everything, and it all seems to be good (referring to using Display Driver Uninstaller).

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I'm sad to say it's returned. While there was a noticeable different in quality with the fan and clean drivers. The black screen did return.

I cleaned the drivers from AMD, and Nvidia. I left Intel alone. Should I clean Intel? Also, I have two hard drives hooked up. The second hard drive that I use for storage has AMD drivers. Is it possible to clean the drivers on the second hard drive?


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- I cleaned all drivers with safe mode on

- It happens during any form of game, but sometimes it takes longer for the black screen to happen on some games. Sometimes the black screen happens during gameplay when standing still. However, other times, it happens soon as I walk or move.

- Most of the time I can tab out, and stop the unresponsive game. Some cases, I need to use task manger because the AMD drivers have stopped.

- When I upgraded this PC, it was all in one go. All brand new items. First time, happened to be the best. I had a processor, which turned up badly beaten due to postage. It worked, and was able to game for hours on Witcher 3. New processor came in mail (replacement) and everything went downhill. The game was choppy with black screen. I replaced processor again. The choppyness went away, and the game now runs maxed out smoothly 60FPS (FFXIV, Witcher 3). However, I still get these black screens. It's possible the Witcher 3 ran smooth because it was before a patch, which reports people having issues with AMD. I didn't test any other game with the first processor. I replaced the GPU, PSU and Motherboard thinking this would be the solution after speaking to Amazon. I would be amazed if the components are damaged after the returns.

- I removed GPU tweak. I tested with no tweaks at all with any program. I tested with the GPU switch to the previous side with fan adjustment, and without. Vice-versa to other GPU switch side.

- The crashing is complete random. I played FFXIV for 40minutes with no problems. Played for a further 5minutes (same session) and it crashed. Logged back in quickly and crashed 2 times in a row.


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(When asked about assembly of PC)
All the parts came separately. I put together this PC myself. Each part I've sent back to Amazon, has been in it's own separate box. I have sent back all the parts multiple times now trying to solve this issue. I think if I were to send back anything, I would have to pick carefully because Amazon are kinda p***** at me now. They even sent back an email about the amount I've returned. Right now I am on my second motherboard, 3rd graphic card, 2nd PSU, 3rd CPU and 2nd RAM.

It's bad I know, but I have never seen this problem before and don't know how to problem solve it. So I simply just returned whatever I thought was causing the trouble.


Guys, I don't think it's hardware because I have sent back all items to Amazon after failing to solve the issue myself. If it's hardware issues, then it's the GPU. Games become unresponsive after random amount of time, and gives me black screens. Sometimes I can tab out, where I get the message "AMD DRIVERS HAVE STOPPED", and other times, well I need to use task manger to shut the whole thing down. I have tried everything at this point, and I don't know what else to do. This is upsetting because I need this computer for side projects (voice overs) and I don't want to send this card off for weeks on repairs, just to face the same problem.


Any advice would be lovely : D !!!