Custom AA setting bug

Discussion created by Cornugon on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by Cornugon

So ever since the Omega 14.12 drivers, it's impossible to set a custom amount of Anti-Aliasing samples in CCC under 3D Application Settings. If one selects '8x' or '16xEQ' or anything, the setting stays at 'None'.


It's still not resolved in the 15.5 beta's...


I have two computers here. One R9 290X Crossfire system running Win 8.1, and another one with an HD 6970 running Windows 7 which is still on the 15.3 beta. Both have this issue.


Yes I always clean install drivers. Yes I filed an issue report.


Yes apparently setting this straight from the taskbar apparently 'works', but it doesn't 'stick'. I'm also unsure if this has any effect in games.

Setting it from RadeonPro doesn't seem to help much.


Anyone here who does NOT have this bug?