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    2X FirePro V5900 in DELL - crossfire compatibility enquiry




      I recently bought a refurbished Dell Precision T5500 workstation with 2 ATI Radeon FirePro V5900  graphic cards. Motherboard for that station is CRH6C (Stuart Connections ).


      Do you know if it`s possible to connect these 2 cards via ATI Bridge Interconnect Connector Cable on this workstation? Are there any BIOS settings to be changed especially for dual graphics?


      I`d like to enhance rendering performance (as I work in 3d graphics and each card supports Crossfire technology).



      Your help is much appreciated,



      My workstation:



      ProcesorIntel XEON QUAD CORE X5687 4x3860Mhz (3.6Ghz up to 3.86GHz, 12MB Cache)
      ChipsetMobile Intel
      RAM24 GB DDR3, 1066 MHz
      HDD500GB SATA 7200RPM (3,5")
      Graphics controller

      Intel GMA

      2x ATI RADEON FIREPRO V5900 - 2GB DDR5

      Power supplyTak (500W)

      PCI-e - 2
      PCI    - 2


      Controller RAID

      ( Rapid Storage 0,2,5,10)