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samsung Series5 A8-4555M

Question asked by alex1kgr on May 29, 2015

Problem one

Hello, I have a samsung 535U4C with A8-4555M and AMD Radeon HD 7550M. I tried any AMD drivers and still (on high performance) no "external" GPU works.

I have low FPS on Dota 2, even on older versions of Tomb Raider. If I disable or uninstall the APU graphic card, windows inform me that I can't run 3D graphics.

I see with AMD's system monitor that there is no utilization to 7550M.

As a last solution I'm thinking to install the latest driver BEFORE APU support (like Catalyst 12.13). Do you have any other solution?


Problem 2

I bought a HD6950 from ebay.

Every time that I install it works ok. After 1-2 hours of gaming i got artifacts and even after restart artifacts remains.

When I uninstall and reinstall the graphic card works fine.

Why I have artifacts after 2 hours and not at the first 10-15 mins?The temperature hits 65-67 C after 5-6 mins and holds there even if I play 1-2 hours.

This is a little weird right?

If some GPU ram has problem after the first gigabyte can I check it and disable some ram?