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DOPP 60hz game tearing problem

Question asked by xmatrix on May 28, 2015

Hi everyone,


When I run the DOPP sample and a 60hz fps game, with AMD W5100, the  tearing frames appear.

With a GPU test software, the core clock of the GPU goes upto 930MHZ, which is the maximum core clock of W5100.

I guess this problem maybe caused by the fact that, with DOPP running, the actual number of the frames the GPU has to rendering is 120 per second. So, maybe the W5100 can not load such a task. But I am not every sure that this is the reason.

Now, I attempt to use W9100 to improve. However, I found that W9100's core clock is also 930MHZ. So I do not know whether W9100 will work.

I also attempt to try the FreeSync technology, however, it seems that the FreeSync only supported by a few kinds of monitors. What's more it seems 5100 do not support FreeSync.

Is there any advice to deal with my problem? Thank you!