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Witcher 3 water effects not working with CrossFire

Question asked by tiaart on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by razieldeus

I have the latest beta, which certainly brings improvements, and I'm grateful for that, but I noticed a problem with the water. With CrossFire disabled, when I run through the water I can see some simulation takes place, as the water moves around me. The aard sign also has an effect on the water, seen here:


However, when I enable CrossFire, those effects disappear. I float through the water without any sign of simulation, and the aard sign doesn't cause any of those ripples.


Just wondering if others are seeing these issues, and would like to make sure the driver team knows about it.




Edit: After further inspection, it looks as though the effects are present with CrossFire, but their animations are glitched, looking as though they're sped up, or not playing through all the way. Uploading some video to try and showcase this, will edit again once it's finished.


Edit 2: Alright, here's an example of the aard sign with CrossFire enabled:


Click the minus sign near the bottom right of the video to slow it down so you can see the effect, which flashes by very quickly.


And here's an example of the water simulation when you're moving through shallow areas:


Pay close attention to the water around his knees as he's standing, you can see the issue fairly clearly.