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HSA-Drivers-Linux-AMD on GitHub

Question asked by bsp2020 on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by bsp2020


It looks like a new version of Linux kernel was posted on GitHub today. Is that an official release? I'm asking since it is not merged to the master branch and not yet tagged as a release.


Also, is there a plan to release a version of HSA software package (kernel, run-time library and other compilers) that are meant to be used to together? I have been trying out various HSA related stuff from GirHub and Bitbucket but it is real pain to get the right versions to that works together. For example, I still have not been able to get GCC OMP support working since the SVN server keeps timing out. Kalmar does not work with the latest HSA HLC-HSAIL-Development-LLVM and I still can't use AMD Catalyst OpenCL with HSA enabled kernel.


It looks like the latest kernel release include AMDGPU support but it's only for Carrizo which I can't buy yet. Will AMDGPU work on Kaveri as well?


So many questions... So little answers...