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    Linux driver support


      This isn't so much a question as it is feedback in response to this

      Roy@AMD on Twitter: "We are working drivers, to capture all your feedback, please post here; https://t.co/gjkplrCxMp @AM…

      I'm an avid linux user and open source fan. Your decent (not great) open source driver have given me an open source gaming platform that I can ditch windows for and I just wanted to say thanks. Keep up the good work and I'll be recommending you to my friends

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          If you say about free radeon driver -- may be, but if you say about proprietary fglrx -- NO!!! At least, if you have Intel/ATI PowerXpress notebook. Not to repeat, see this about AMD Drivers' Support in this case.

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              +1. Terrible Hybrid support from proprietary drivers.

              I own a HP 470G2 with intelHD4000/AMD R5 255.


              Open source drivers work like a charm, no tearing and the speed in games has increased lately.
              However, if i install fglrx the situation is much worse than even expected. Terrible tearing(i tried all the mentioned stuff  (Not to repeat, see this about AMD Drivers' Support in this case.)), and nothing helped. I even had to reinstall a couple of times because i got my X11 broken..., When focused on a game, notebook slows down and stuff like that. So, i'm usin open source drivers, and must admit I am pretty happy with them, but cannot play games like XCOM - Enemy Within and so...

              Anyway, maximise your support for linux asap or you will find yourselves without customers in the future (10 years or so) considering the growth of linux gaming only in the past year. And no, i will not use windows. Thank you.

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                  3n3low wrote:


                  . . . When focused on a game, notebook slows down and stuff like that.  . . .

                  Does this mean that graphics does in principle start with fglrx on you notebook?


                  If this is not difficult, show your /var/log/Xorg.0.log in that case, please (I think, it would be better to paste it not here, but at, for example, in Intel HD 4000 + AMD Radeon HD 8750M + Linux , or somewhere else, in accordance to the content).


                  Regards, Natalia

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                      Yes, I managed to install fglrx via ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa or via Downloaded beta drivers from amd site...

                      I am not using fgrlx any more, so no use of Xorg log anymore...


                      If needed, I could install fglrx again i guess...


                      It is functional, but not very usable due to excessive tearing and slow response from windows and apps....

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                  +1 on the opensource driver. Performance has improved considerably. A shame about the fglrx driver though. For whatever reason, something in a recent series of updates has led to random screen corruption with Google Chrome when using the fglrx driver. Firefox is unaffected. Also, I noticed that there was some stuttering with the fglrx driver in games despite higher frame rates, whereas the opensource driver was smooth. It's only an HD 7450 card, so I'm not expecting killer performance.