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Need Help on UVD H.264 decoder (Media SDK 1.1)

Question asked by mrparkdo on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by dipak

I need some tech support on using UVD H.264 decoder in Media SDK 1.1.


Initially, I reviewed the sample project (SimpleDecoder) which decodes H.264 file into NV12 file.

Because my goal is to decode H.264 frame data rather than H.264 file, I tried to use AMFDataStreamMemory class instead of AMFDataStreamFile class in PlatformWindows.h/cpp files.


Right after submitting the first H.264 frame data into decoder, breakpoint is triggered. Then, I found the following logs in the output pane of Visual Studio 2013:


2015-05-27 18:42:22.122 DB4 [AMFDecodeEngineImplDXVA2] Info: InitDecoder() OK! Video DVXA2 HW DECODER (1280x720) for input stream; profile: UVD H264 Unencrypted Config Profile

2015-05-27 18:42:22.126 DB4 [h264parser_util] Error: ..\..\..\..\..\impl\components\VideoStreamParser\parsers\h264\h264_util.cpp(91):Assertion failed:false

AmdUvdDecode.exe has triggered a breakpoint.

2015-05-27 18:43:38.581 DB4 [H264Parser] Error: ..\..\..\..\..\impl\components\VideoStreamParser\parsers\h264\H264Parser.cpp(2947):GetDPBSize() undefined level_idc=0


I guess the decoder is not configured properly.

Please let me know how to resolve my issue.




Do Park